Global DNS Root Zone

We provide new ccTLDs, new Top Level Domains, and help fight DNS censorship.

Public DNS Servers

SERVERIPV4IPV6 2604:a880:cad:d0::e4c:6001 2a03:b0c0:1:d0::38f:1

Alternative DNS Root Zone

IntraNIC is an alternative domain name system for the global internet. Our root provides access to additional top level domains not found in ICANN's root. For more information see our additional TLDs.


ICANN has had a monopoly over the domain name system for many years, and they have made it cost prohibitive to start a TLD. Our purpose is to provide opportunity for others to run their own top level domains without the high cost. While we do offer commercial sale of domains, we also provide free domains to the general public. See http://register.mundo.

Our secondary purpose is to offer a DNS system that isn't censored by your ISP or government.

If you use an Android device, we have on a DNS Changer app.


Looking for some IntraNIC websites to browse? Start at http://search.geek

Social Network: Feather
Email Provider: mail
Search Engine: Search Geek
Free SSL Certificates: Freecert
App Store: Libre Apps