Updated: Oct 8, 2021

IntraNIC Domain Policies


  1. "TLD" means a Top Level Domain, such as .AN
  2. A "defunct" TLD is any TLD that does not have a functional resolving public DNS server, functional registration website, or other technical issues which render second level domains from being registered or resolved.
  3. A "deligated" TLD is a Top Level Domain that is under the control of an entity, whether a person, company, or organization.

Section 1. - Top Level Domains

  1. Once a TLD has been deligated by IntraNIC, it will not be relinquished if ICANN deligates the same TLD.
  2. A TLD that has become defunct will either be removed from the root, or have control transferred to either IntraNIC or another organization with the capacity to maintain it.

Section 2. - Domain Registration

  1. Domains may not be held by domain campers. Any person holding an unused domain will either voluntarily relinquish it, or have it's registration revoked.
  2. Domains used by spammers, hackers, or used for other malicious purposes are not permitted. Such domains will be forfeited.
  3. Domain registrants of IntraNIC controlled domains shall have the right to privacy of personal information. WHOis servers are not permitted to publish contact information or personal information.

Section 3. - Peering

  1. An organization wishing to peer top level domains should have basic infrastructure in place, including a registration page for domains.

Section 4. - Addition of TLDs

  1. Organizations must provide all infrastructure for their TLD, including name resolution, domain registration, and support.
  2. Organizations with TLDs resolved through IntraNIC servers must adhere to all IntraNIC policies, and must ensure Second Level Domain registrations adhere to Section 2.
  3. While not a requirement, organizations should offer a public DNS resolver of the IntraNIC root.